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What is the LUDO Game?

LUDO can be played alone or with a companion as a popular board strategy for two to four players. Pachisi, an ancient Indian board game, served as the inspiration for LUDO. The game has gone viral and is played all around the world. The finest aspect of the game is how simple it is to teach and play online LUDO for players of all ages. Playing the board game with your family and friends is a great idea.

Additionally, technological improvements have made LUDO download and LUDO playing more convenient; all you need to play LUDO and get money is a computer or a mobile device. The board game LUDO has evolved into an online multiplayer version, or you can play alone and communicate with others via voice chat. LUDO game Download from the Indian app store.

The LUDO game's rules are relatively straightforward and uncomplicated. Each of the four quadrants on the LUDO board is a distinct color: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Each participant selects the color quadrant they want to use. The chosen player receives tokens of the same color as the selected quadrant, rolls the die, and takes turns completing the game's objective. Each player in the LUDO game has four tokens, which they race from beginning to end. Depending on the result of the die roll, the players move their tokens on the board. The first person wins the game to get all four tokens to the finish line. When moving their tokens in LUDO, players must use a lot of strategy and observation in addition to depending on their player numbers after rolling the dice.

It is a game with a long history that has been enjoyed offline since the dawn. It continues to rank among the most popular games and LUDO game download has increased drastically over the period. LUDO players can now play with their family and friends, wherever they may be, thanks to the game's transition from indoor to online platforms.

You can play online LUDO game at any time and by anyone in the world. One of the best board games to pass the time and sharpen your strategic and observational abilities is online LUDO, which has carved out a strong position for itself in the online gaming industry.

Are you eager to play LUDO online and make money? To play LUDO online on FantaFeat with actual players, LUDO app download is necessary.


Why Play Online LUDO on FantaFeat?

Millions of players utilize the FantaFeat app to play their favorite games, making it one of India's biggest and most reliable online gaming platforms. The following characteristics set FantaFeat apart and add excitement to playing online LUDO.

  • First and foremost, FantaFeat provides a fun variation of LUDO game that you might have never experienced.
  • Following each activity in the game, you can express your feelings with emoticons.
  • There is hardly ever a delay in finding opponents in any LUDO gaming lobby.
  • On FantaFeat, there are several competitions you can take part in with your friends and win money daily.
  • You can deposit the profits quickly into your bank account.
  • The app's cutting-edge visuals and user interface make gaming enjoyable.
  • FantaFeat offers you a top-notch, flawless gaming experience with all the information you need.
  • FantaFeat offers customer service to its players around the clock. You are free to ask questions at any moment during the day.
  • You can count on safety as the one thing. Yes, every transaction is secure and safe.
  • Any time of the day, you can play LUDO online with your loved ones or closest buddy and compete against one another. On the app, you may even communicate with them.

How Do You Play LUDO Game?

One must have the FantaFeat App installed on their device to play LUDO on FantaFeat. FantaFeat LUDO app Download for free from the iOS App Store. While waiting, Android users can get the "FantaFeat Pro" App by going to FantaFeat's official website. Players can sign up for the app once the LUDO download is made on their device. To play LUDO on the FantaFeat app, follow these steps:

On the app, look for the LUDO game or LUDO Dice.

  • Select your favorite cash competition and send in your entry fee.
  • You can pair with a player with a similar skill level in the game.
  • When it is your turn to play, please tap on the dice to roll them. For the Number mode, you can also select a number.
  • You will receive a score for moving your token by the number of dice.
  • Gain points by capturing an opponent's token.
  • But you'll lose points if your adversary takes your token.
  • Gaining a token and returning home will also get you points.
  • The game will go on for another four minutes. Try to bring every token home.
  • The winner is the player with the highest score.
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Tips and Tricks

Open every item and continue to move

Getting all of your Token (marble)s or coins out of the starting position as soon as possible is one of the critical strategies in a game of LUDO. New players tend to concentrate on moving one Token (marble) at a time, and if that Token (marble) reaches the finishing point, they are forced to wait for 6s to restart their game. Continue to move each Token (marble) as a player's focus should be on something other than moving one Token (marble) at a time because this limits their alternatives for moving the Token (marble)s. You should distribute your Token (marble)s evenly over the board. Equal distribution allows the player to play more than once during a turn and reduces the need to take unnecessary risks.

Recognize when to cut your invader's tokens

The opponent's Token (marble) will be sent back into the starting area if your Token (marble) is on the same square as theirs. This indicates that to move the Token (marble) beyond the starting location; the adversary will need to score another 6 or 1. Except for the safe zone and the corresponding colored finishing regions, this can be done anywhere on the board.

Cutting an opponent's Token (marble)s is a crucial LUDO strategy, but it should only be applied after carefully scrutinizing all other Token (marble)s on the board.

Never undervalue a contender

Your opponent is an enemy when you play a mobile LUDO game. In practically every game on the FantaFeat app, you can discover a competitor with similar abilities. You have a finite amount of time to get the most points possible. Only if you play brutally and remove the other tokens will this occur. However, keep in mind that you could lose all of your tokens if you take unwarranted risks.


Choosing Your Playstyle

Choosing whether to play an aggressive or passive game is one of the tips and tricks you should keep in mind. If you want to win, you must decide if you want to use an aggressive strategy in a LUDO game. You can concentrate on your game if you want to be safe. Select an attacking if you want to go all out and capture and attack your opponent's token. Since LUDO is a strategy game, choosing your mode is essential to success.

Develop your abilities

In addition to being fun, LUDO requires a lot of practice in addition to being fun because it is a skill game. You can successfully learn how to abide by all the LUDO regulations in this manner. To improve your talents, select the Free option on FantaFeat. Then select real money LUDO game contests and tournaments. Pay a small entry fee and progress upward.


Block the token of your competitor

It is crucial to position your Token (marble)s so that it is challenging for your adversary to move through the board. The eight possible safe zones can be strategically employed to arrange your Token (marble)s in different configurations, increasing the likelihood that your opponent's Token (marble)s will be cut. As crucial as being the first to transfer all four into the finish area is slowing down your rival.

Distracting your opponent while taking your token home is another effective LUDO method. Any of your tokens will aim to kill it as soon as it gets close to the house. You must thwart the opponent's attack to protect your Token (marble)s and secure your tokens.

Prepare an escape route in advance

One of the essential pieces of advice for winning an online LUDO game is this. Even if you decide to kill a player in the first or second quadrant, you must have carefully thought out how to get away beforehand. A minimum of seven spaces should separate your Token (marble) from the Token (marble)s of your opponent required for an escape. If they score a six and reach your area on the second turn, your adversary can still destroy your Token (marble). However, the likelihood of this happening is relatively low.


Features at FantaFeat

  • Multiplayer online mode
  • Free training games
  • Numerous contests and competitions to join
  • Exciting financial rewards
  • Thrilling gameplay
  • Multiple LUDO variations
  • Instant withdrawal of winnings
  • Technologically advanced graphics
  • An appealing user interfaces
  • Metadata security and user privacy
  • Call and Email support


  • How can friends play LUDO together?

    Online multiplayer game FantaFeat LUDO is available. You could request that your friends may FantaFeat LUDO app download. After that, you can all connect and play your favorite online LUDO game there.

  • How many people can participate in a LUDO game?

    LUDO is a board game that may be played on FantaFeat by a group of two to four people. Players have the option to participate in various conflicts between two and four other players.

  • Which LUDO game offers cash?

    You may play LUDO game on the FantaFeat. In addition to choosing and taking part in the money contests on FantaFeat to play the game with money, you can play the game for free in the practice games area. Play against an online friend, defeat the opponent and complete the game's goal to win a cash award.