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History of Call Break

A dealership order: A new dealer is assigned with each bet placed after the choice of the initial dealer.

Game of Mughal: according to legend, the Mughals created this card game to pass the time as they travelled.

Registered name: it began in the 1930s in the United States under the name "spades."

Popularity: around world war 2, the soldiers who travelled abroad made the game famous.


Online Call Break Game

In India, card games have long been a favorite pastime. In India, Nepal, and other Asian nations, people like playing the online Call Break game of cards. Different parts of the world have different names for this multiplayer game, including Lakdi, Lakadi, Ghochi, Call Bridge, Call Break Taas and Racing. The game is similar to other trick-taking games used worldwide, including Canasta, Euchre, Hearts, and Spades. Depending on the location, these variants' regulations vary slightly, but the basic gameplay is the same. One of the simplest card games you may play online with friends or opponents is the Call Break. Five rounds of the trick-taking card game are played between four players.

Call break app is required to entertain you with this fantastic game. Call break game download is made easy by FantaFeat on both android and IOS devices.

How to Play Online Call Break?

Call Break game Download to play call break online, select a cash contest, and ensure your internet connection is steady. After paying the admission fee, you can pair with three other players, and the game will start. To play the game and earn the cash reward, follow these steps:

  • Look at the 13 cards you were given by the dealer, and base your bet on the winning hands.
  • If you have them, use the cards of the same suit.
  • Make clever use of trump, kings, and aces to win several hands.
  • Try to win at least as many hands as you bid at the beginning to prevent losing points.

Score Counting System

The scoring method is relatively straightforward in the call break game, and points are tallied after each round. Based on the cards they have been dealt, each player must decide and play an equal number of hands or more during the contest.

  • Each player receives the same number of points if they win an equal number of hands as they bid at the start of the game.
  • Your score rises by 0.1 points for each extra hand you win if you win more than the number bid.
  • The exact number of points reduces your score as the initial number of hands bid if you win fewer hands than you bid.
  • If you call eight or more hands and they win eight or more hands, you will win 13 points. However, the players will forfeit 8 points if they cannot win eight or more hands.

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Tips and Tricks to Win Good

Quickly Grasp

Making the most of your trump cards and high-value cards while attempting to memorise the discarded cards is the most crucial strategy of the call break game.

Using Trump Cards of Low Value

Avoid counting on weak trump cards to win hands. You can instead use them to get more poker hands.


Play Call Break online and evaluate your game correctly. Before making a call, carefully examine your cards to identify the hands you can win.

Use High Cards First

Using high-value cards early is a call-break tip that is usually useful: Save your expensive cards for later in the game. Securing the simple hands first can help prevent losing a valuable card to a trump card.

Estimated Risks

Consider your options carefully, and always be aware of how many hands you can win using the cards you now hold.


Keep a close eye on your rivals' movements and try to guess their cards.


Rules in Call Break game

  • The spade card can be regarded as the standard trump in the card game.
  • Each player initially receives 13 cards from the dealer.
  • The minimum number of winning tricks or hands that each player must call or bid is 1.
  • The cards are reshuffled and dealt to new players if they don't each get at least one Spade card.
  • Following the first player, each player must play a card of the same suit.
  • Players may choose to play any other card, including a trump card if they don't have a card of the same suit.
  • Ace, King, Queen, and Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 are the highest to lowest cards ranked in the deck.


  • How do you play Call Break online with friends?

    Call Break app download is easy on the FantaFeat; you may play the Call break game with pals. To play the game, download the app and follow the instructions. Please invite your friends to participate in the cash competition and surpass them with more points.

  • How does a call break happen?

    To win the ghochi game, you must get the most points possible during each of the game's five rounds. The key is to accurately forecast how many tricks you can win in a round, then make sure you win at least that many tricks to keep your points from being deducted. Additionally, you can employ the advice mentioned above to raise your game.

  • Is Call Break a skill-based game?

    Yes, Call Break necessitates a strong display of abilities such as talent, strategic thinking, reasoning, attention, practice, mastery, exceptional game knowledge, and precision.

  • Which app is the best for the call break game?

    The best and most popular app for playing call break is FantaFeat, a safe and commonplace platform. Every user can play in their preferred language, thanks to the FantaFeat app.